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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hiding in the Snow

I went to Connetquot Park for a little "art therapy" this weekend. This is 4 x 6.


Lin said...

FANTASTIC!!!! Do you ever get in your car and ask yourself "What do I want to paint today?" It's a question that plagues me daily -- and yet you seem to find subject after marvelous subject and paint each so beautifully!

Hope you stay warm and safe in this next storm -- and that your family is doing well.

Teressa Thompson said...

Did it help? The fresh air and getting back to yourself?

Still thinking about you.

Love your sketches. Do you do them in a journal or on loose sheets? Also curious about your process... still.. lol Do you sketch with pencil or pen? Are you using pencils and a waterbrush or a field set?

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh I could so live here! Beautiful!!

Joan said...

Lin - lol Lately I just head for a spot with a view of the snow.

Teressa - Thanks. Doing artwork always helps. These small ones are in a monthly journal. Sometimes I do loose paintings.

Sherry - Thanks. Some lucky person lives right inside the state park.

http://carolking.wordpress.com said...

I like how you captured the snow on the trees.