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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

View to the Lake

In addition to working on the portrait below on Sunday, I decided to head to the arboretum in Oakdale and do a plein air. It seemed warm enough to sit outside, so I took my painting chair and supplies and walked a bit. Next thing you know I have a hat and gloves on. By the time I finished this 3 x 5 painting my feet and hands were frozen. I think the dampness of the ground was the problem. Although I wasn't sitting with my feet in the snow, the ground was mighty cold.


Maria's Watercolor said...

Very pretty painting, it looks very cold from your view and I hope you had a cup of something hot to warm you up!

Lin said...

Oh you brave soul!! This is gorgeously done -- looks chilly - and that sunshiny-ness can be a treat or a trick .. LOVE your perspective, Joan!

Teressa Thompson said...

Wow! YOu could have frozen your toes off! Is that ivy climbing up the tree? Having never lived where it snows... I didn't know anything green survived the white!

Hope you don't mind me featuring you on my blog today. I was inspired by your style so certainly wanted to give you credit!

AutumnLeaves said...

Your landscapes are just so breathtaking to me, Joan. Another gorgeous piece here.

Joan said...

Maria - Thanks!

Lin - Thank you. It looked warmer than it was.

Tee - Yes, I think that is some form of ivy, and it stays green on the trees. Thanks for featuring me.

Sherry - Thanks for being such a big fan.