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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

23rd World Wide Sketchcrawl

Usually I go out for the World Wide Sketchcrawl, but I had company this time. My sister and niece were staying with me and we took my niece to the airport on Saturday. She flew to Austrailia as an exchange student for the upcoming semester. My sketchcrawl mostly revolves around Kathleen: 1)sleeping; 2)her suitcase, purse, sunglasses, and waterbottle; 3)Kathleen checking things on her laptop before we left for the airport; and finally a view of my hanging plant when my sister and I got back from the airport.


Lin said...

HOw FUN to have all that company Joan! I LOVE your paintings, especially the pot of flowers -- great job on that challenging perspective!

Joan said...

Thanks, Lin! We had a good time and I got a model to sketch too. lol

"Sue N" said...

Joan, she looks like a dancer lying there checking her mail. I hope she enjoys her stay here in Oz.


Michelle Himes said...

I forgot all about the sketchcrawl. That was a great idea, sketching Kathleen and her things. Did you send her a link to these? I like the one of her checking her email. :-)

Joan said...

Sue - Thanks. She does have a dancer's body!! She's loving it already!

Mickey - Thanks. She saw all the sketches I did of her before she left.

danadpatterson said...

You know what I like most about you? (via your blog, of course) You sketch everything, delightfully, all the time.