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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lighthouse Path

4 x 6 done at the Fire Island Lighthouse. I did this after viewing the art show on exhibit there. I had two paintings in the show, one of which was another painting of this same lighthouse with the dunes in front of it. I found out yesterday that the painting sold. Now I'm sure I'll go back and paint it again.


Michelle Himes said...

Congratulations on the sale. Isn't it a good feeling to know that someone liked one of your paintings enough to pay money for it. :-)

Lin said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Joan!! YAHOO!! And LOVE this! It has been so many YEARS since I've been to the fire island lighthouse -- I mean over 40! LOL I'd love to see it again and am so glad you post these -- it's like walks down memory lane -- LOVE this one too!

Joan said...

Mickey - Thanks. It feels great!

Lin - Thanks. The Fire Island Light is a great place to paint. If you move just a few feet you can get a different view.

Ai said...

Congratulations Joan. You do such fine painting.