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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Artists & Friends Gallery Show

Right before I left for France, I did a show at the BAFFA Gallery in Sayville, NY with a small group of local artists. Here are photos from the show. The first one is of myself in front of my wall of art. The other artists are Marion Marino, Lydia Peterson, Laurie Samara-Schlageter, Doug Broadhurst, Carol Musac, Carol Corbett, Alma Pancir and our fellow artist/organizer Marianne Thorvaldson.


Lin said...

Well my dear one, it's so good to SEE you!!! I LOVE that you participated in this show -- and have enjoyed seeing such incredible images of France! It is so GOOD to have you back! Forgive my lack of commments; my life has been insane I'm afraid ... but should be getting better soon! I LOVE your window and your fountain, and enjoyed seeing people at the museum! THAT HOUSE!!! And the windowboxes! The towers and the sky -- I DO hope you're collecting these in a series of some sort?

Joan said...

Lin - Thanks so much. I know how crazy your life has been lately. Hope things are good now that Mike is home.