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Monday, November 2, 2009

Paris Scenes (Posting #8)

Here are my last two 4 x 6 paintings done in Paris. "In Front of the Master" was sketched in the d'Orsay Museum, which has a wonderful impressionist collection. It wasn't easy to sketch the people. They usually moved on before I got anything done, but there were a few who stayed put looking long enough for me to get their shape down. I didn't think they would allow me to paint in the museum, so I added the color as soon as I got outside. "Restaurante Le Consulate" was painted in Montmartre. I was attracted to the colors on the building. The man sat there well long enough for me to sketch and paint him. That is the good part about painting Paris cafes and restaurants...people sit for a very long time. Next I will post my favorite part of the trip...stay tuned!


Jo Castillo said...

These figures are great. You have such a relaxed touch with your watercolors.

Joan said...

Jo - Thank you. I guess all my scavenger hunt people sketches helped get me ready for the trip.