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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Charm of Provence

We took a drive down to the sea and stopped in Cassis. It was a lovely harbor with colorful buildings and lots of boats. "Cassis Harbor" was painted there. "Vaison La Romaine" was done in ink and watercolor in the Haute Ville, or older part of town. The buildings and arches were wonderful! "Seguret View" was painted in watercolors from a parking area looking out over the farmland. The countryside there is so lovely. All of these are 5 x 7.


Lin said...

You must paint like the wind, Joan -- I can't believe how many you were able to do!! And each of them charming and beautifully done! I'm in awe!

Joan said...

Lin - Thanks. I tried to do 2 small paintings most days. There was so much to see and I wanted to capture everything. lol

Katherine Tyrrell said...

You certainly got about - I'm still amazed at your output!