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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eygalieres Plus

A restaurant owner suggested I check out a church that was nearby in the town of Eygalieres. It was a really tiny town, with some lovely views of the countryside. "Eygalieres Landscape" was painted with watercolors from an overlook outside of town. "St. Sixtie, Eygalieres" was painting in watercolor and ink. I was freezing while I was painting because I was in a shady spot and the Mistral winds were blowing and cold that day. "Provence Window Out" was done sitting in the kitchen of our rental apartment. I just had to capture the Provence designs and color while I was there. All the paintings are 5 x 7.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

You've really caughts the colours and patterns of Provence with that interior sketch.

Jo Castillo said...

Wow, Joan. I have been lazy about checking all the blogs I read. Your tour of France in watercolors is just amazing. Thanks for being so thorough. Your work is always so beautiful and you will have wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing with us.

Lin said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR LANDSCAPES HERE, JOAN!! I must be in a landscape mood lately because I can hardly paint anything else or love anything else more ... these are simply stunning!

Joan said...

Katherine - Thanks so much! I loved the Provence patterns.

Jo - Thanks! It's fun to share it with everyone.

Lin - Many thanks! The scenery there just kept calling me.

Robyn said...

So many beautiful sketches, Joan. That church is so simple and so gorgeous. You've evolved a wonderful easy but sure style in all these French sketches. You should be thrilled - I'm in awe.