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Friday, November 6, 2009

Painting Monet's Garden - Day 2

Since the trip was so easy to do, I left my husband back in Paris when I went back to Monet's Gardens alone. I figured I could paint more if I didn't feel guilty about him getting bored. The garden wasn't as crowded as the first day, but every so often big tour groups would come through. The day was beautiful and I was in my glory! There were just so many lovely spots to stand and paint. I made sure I painted another version of the view of Monet's House that I had sold the first day. A woman from Taiwan came over to look at the paintings. We started talking and I showed her all the work I had done there. She wanted to buy a painting too and had a hard time deciding between two of them. She searched through her bag, but apparently she had left some of her money with friends and only had enough to buy one of them (the first one posted of the water pond). She was so excited about buying it, and took a photo of me with the painting. I gave her my blog address so she could see the other paintings I've been doing, and my email address because she promised to send me a copy of the photo she too when she gets back home to Taiwan. She was at the beginning of her trip and was going to be gone for a month.
Painting at Monet's Gardens was really special and emotional for me. It definitely was the highlight of my trip, and lived up to everything I imagined about it.
Katherine Tyrrell was in France at almost the same time as I was there. Check out her sketches, photos, and videos of Monet's Garden on her two blogs.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

These are wonderful Joan - I'm going to make sure I link back to your Giverny posts when I do my post about Giverny next week

Anil P said...

The second to last painting has a great feel to it. Enjoyed reading your account.

Lin said...

And the joy and exuberance of the experience really shows in these fantabulous paintings, Joan! What a trip! What memories! And paintings to equal the joy!!! LOVE IT!

Michelle Himes said...

I can't believe how many paintings you did at the gardens. That's FIVE a day! And they are all beautiful!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Beautiful scenes from your trip to Paris...I browsed through and it was fun seeing so many well known spots through your brushstrokes!

Jo Castillo said...

These are all so beautiful. You did get to paint and it all looks like a great time. Very nice.

Joan said...

Katherine - Thanks for coming back again and linking our blogs. It has been fun seeing what you've posted from your trip.

Anil - Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

Lin - I think painting there was one of the best experiences. Thanks.

Mickey - Thanks. I was there from 9:30 until 4:30 both days. That gave me a lot of time to paint.

Ronell - Thank you. I'm glad you got to see some familiar places.

Jo - I just loved it there. Thanks!

Ai said...

These are all gorgeous and memorable. What a fantastic painting trip this must have been. I hope one day we get to share such experience.

Leslie said...

Joan, these are so wonderful!! How exciting for you! :) I have a question- when you sold the two paintings, did you just cut them out of your sketch book and hand them over? How in the world did you figure up a price?

You don't have to answer these publicly- just thinking aloud as I pondered your terrific experience! I'm planning a trip next summer to England and hope to do a lot of painting. If something like that happened to me I'd like to be prepared. (dreaming here!) :)