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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sunken Meadow Snow

Yesterday I took a drive over to Sunken Meadow Park on the north shore of Long Island. It was much too cold to sit outdoors, so I tried to position my car in a good spot to peek through the trees and see the frozen inlet and marsh grasses. This is 4 x 6.


Lin said...

I KNOW THIS SPOT!! I KNOW THIS SPOT!!! GREAT JOB, JOAN!!!! I hear you're to have 14" tonight -- be careful -- stay warm!!!!

AutumnLeaves said...

What gorgeous snow!! If I may say so myself...

Teressa Thompson said...

How clever of you to stay warm in your car!

I can feel the cold in your piece and even through it's cold, it still makes me want to take a walk and enjoy the place~!

Joan said...

Lin - I knew you would appreciate the spot. Thanks.

Sherry - Thanks so much.

Teressa - That's my secret plein air winter style. Thanks.