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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Horton Point Lighthouse

Yesterday we had beautiful, sunny, warm weather so I took a drive further east. I've never been to this lighthouse before, so I had to paint it. I forget that when you're by the water it is usually a bit colder. I was sitting on a bench and I was freezing by the time this was nearly done. The last bits of it I did inside my car which was warm from the sun. This is 7 x 10.


Jo Castillo said...

Joan, this is lovely, it looks nice and warm there. :)

Anita Davies said...

Beautiful plein air Joan

Holly Lombardo said...

HI Joan! I see that you're STILL doing a great job keeping up w/your painting-I've just been so busy..I can't wait for summer so I can paint freely! I have to say I love your most recent ones (my fav is the peeps) and BOY is the quality of your work growing by leaps and bounds (and I never thought it even needed to improve!). Hope all is well and keep painting!

Lin said...

so well DONE!!! WOW, Joan! Which lighthouse is this? Love the setting and you did one heck of a job! (And do I ever know what you mean about getting cold from when you start to when you're 'almost' done! BRAVA!

"JeanneG" said...

I agree with Holly. I can see improvement even tho I didn't know you needed any. You are getting out to paint a lot. Pretty soon it will be back at the beach.

Joan said...

Jo - Looks can be deceiving!!! Thanks.

Anita - Thanks so much! I'm so happy it's plein air time again!

Holly - You are so sweet!! Thanks so much. I've been checking your blog and waiting for new paintings!

Lin - This is the Horton Point Lighthouse in Southold. It was a pretty setting, but when I start to shake from the cold I know I have to stop. Holding a wet paper towel in my hand doesn't help either. LOL

Jeanne - I've got to do my plein airs of different locations before the beach calls me and that's all I paint. Thanks for your kind words.

Robyn said...

When I haven't been here recently, Joan I'm always so impressed with your achievements. I love the lighthouse and your flowers are beautiful.

Ai said...

This is so lovely Joan. You should do this as the official postcard of the chamber of commerce there.