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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yaphank Garage & Scarlet Barn

Sometimes just a short drive brings you something different to paint. "Yaphank Garage" is like stepping back in time. I don't know if the gas pumps actually work, but the place was so different I had to sit and paint it. This one is 4 x 6. "Scarlet Barn" was painted from my car out on the east end of Long Island. Much of the area was once farmland and much of it is now developments or land bought up by the many wineries that have sprung up. This barn is on the property of the "Red Barn B&B." I painted this one from my car. It is 7 x 10.


Desiree said...

Hi Joan, I love your painting, isn't is funny sitting in a car to paint. I have done that too. I love the gas station pumps, wow, at trip down memory lane. Great job.

Joan said...

Desiree - Thank you! Even though we've had a few days of mild weather, the wind makes me hesitate to sit out yet. The front seat of the car works fine at times.

Lin said...

OHHHH!!! I LOVE BOTH of these!!! I cannot imagine you painting both of these in your car ... how long did it take you! Such grand detailing too!! I AM IMPRESSED!!!

Joan said...

Lin - Thanks so much!! Both of these are small and each one took me about 45 minutes.