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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Painting at the Suffolk County Farm

It is always a challenge to try to paint in plein air, but painting live creatures is always fun!! These were done at the Suffolk County Farm near me. I've painted there before and really enjoyed it, so I stopped there yesterday when the weather was nice and warm...maybe a bit too warm. The chickens don't stay put, the sheep are too far away to see the detail of their faces because of their shaggy fur, but the cows are always content to stand at the fence and eat and pose for as long as I want.


Desiree said...

Hi Joan, great job on these, animals can be a challenge since they are loosy possers and they don't stand still long enough!

Joan said...

Desiree - Thanks. Luckily the birds were in an enclosed area so they couldn't go too far, but they really don't stay still.

Lin said...

JOan -- I am dashing --p work has been incredibly overwhelming -- but I had to stop to say how GLORIOUS are these sheep and chickens!!! And the image above -- magnificent!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these scenes of yours! So when are you doing a book?????

Joan said...

Lin - Thanks so much for stopping in to comment!!! These are such fun to do!

Michelle Himes said...

Great chickens. I don't know how you can paint something that moves around so much. They make me dizzy.

I like the cow and sheep too.

Robyn said...

I particularly love your chooks, Joan.