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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looking Out

This was also done for the WDE from one of Alain's photos. I like the way this came out, but I think I aged his grandson quite a bit. This is about 4 x 5.


Lin said...

How cute!! You really did a greajob on this Joan -- as you do on all people images! I hope you got to the beach today! It was over 70F! --- I've been in the garden ... and I'm whipped .. got to go back to work to rest -- hahhahahaha! Would if that were true! LOL

AutumnLeaves said...

I love this composition, Joan. Is that a boat porthole? He is an adorable little guy, for sure!

Joan said...

Lin - Thanks so much!! I'm finally getting the hang of portraits. Yes, I did get to the beach and even did a plein air.

Sherry - Thanks. I think he was inside one of those play areas in the park. He is cute!