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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekend Plein Airs

On Saturday I went to the Suffolk County Farm Museum which is nearby. I like painting the animals they have there. The cows are good at staying still, but the sheep like to move around a bit. I'm hoping to get back there again in the near future to see the new babies that are due (sheep and goats)! I was sitting in the sun and noticed this motorcycle nearby. I've never drawn a motorcycle before, and found it was like drawing boats...too many unfamiliar pieces that I can barely guess at. It was fun to give it a try.


AutumnLeaves said...

I love these sketches, the curls especially on the lamb with the dangling curl over the forehead. Your use of foreshortening is wonderful, Joan! I love visiting here!

Michelle Himes said...

The motorcycle is impressive, even if the parts are unfamiliar. LOL I love the curly sheep! Looking forward to seeing the babies.

Joan said...

Sherry - I think the curls look like dreadlocks. lol Thanks!

Mickey - Thank you. LOL It was just like painting those boats...totally unfamiliar.