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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Treasures of Provence

After doing a small grape painting in Feb. I searched through my own references for another one of grapevines. I took the reference photo for this in Provence in October. It was the only time I saw grapes on the vine there since the harvest had passed. This is 11 x 15. I did a demo of it that is posted on WetCanvas if you would like to see it. I also explained some of the problems I had doing this one.



Anita Davies said...

Beautiful Joan

Holly Lombardo said...

Joan...this one is absolutely stunning....You painting is evolving SO quickly...I love watching the changes! - HOlly

Michelle Himes said...


Lin said...

absolutely BRILLIANT!! What a grand, glorious, incredible work!!! BRAVA! BRAVA!!! (I hope you enjoyed your time in the city)!

AutumnLeaves said...

Joan, this is so beautiful! I am just in awe, truly!

Joan said...

Anita - Thanks so much.

Holly - Many thanks. I have to really try to do more pieces that I work on slowly like this one.

Mickey - Thanks.

Lin - Thanks for that kind review!

Sherry - Thanks so much. I need to sit down and work on more paintings like this.

Nick said...

Is this yours???! Sorry, I cannot bring myself to click on a WC link, the place is just too awful to even log in. If this is yours, and I guess it is, I don't know why you're spending so much time on those sketch pieces - this is a while different level, and it seems to me you should be spending time on this kind of substantial work. It's great, Joan!!!!! (^^^my opinions only, worth what they cost you)